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Restaurant & Lounge
Asian fusion, drinks, and live entertainment in Marietta and Woodstock, GA!
Introducing Your new favorite asian fusion restaurant in Kennesaw
More than just a restaurant

At KAI, we understand that Asian Fusion is an artform, and we synthesize cuisines to an unmatched standard with an artist's care and attention to detail. We go to great lengths to ensure our dishes retain the truly special, cultural characteristics in unparalleled culinary high-fidelity. More importantly, we pride ourselves on using only the freshest ingredients, pioneering new flavors, and forging new gastronomical paths.

Our chefs are highly trained and skilled, and our entire team is devoted to your satisfaction. Using only the best ingredients and state-of-the-art tools, each dish is made with care, and we measure our success in your contentment. With our team and food at your disposal, each meal will be one to remember and we guarantee to expose you to a whole new world of flavor.

In short, we're the new frontier for insatiable palates seeking something more.

However, we offer much more than premier Asian Fusion cuisine. At KAI, we provide an experience. From the meals to the unmatched cocktails after, we cultivate an atmosphere perfectly suited for an unrivaled night on the town. Whether you're seeking special live events or food specials, we guarantee you'll come back hungry for more food and more fun.

When you do, we'll have a place saved for you.

Dinner, drinks, and a Show
Join us for dinner, drinks, and a show. Every week, we host live events for your viewing pleasure. Catch them on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday while indulging in our specials!